Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures

Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures

Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures is an original and funny platform game

Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures is sort of platform game which satirizes the social life of a funny worker called Peter, who has just started working for an important Corporation. Peter will have to comply with an extensive list of tasks that will be assigned every day in order to prove himself worthy to the company. All the tasks involve certain activities that must be done in the allotted time in order to stay in the company. For instance, he has to find folders in the office, deliver messages and letters, meet people, etc. The tasks can be completed in any order, so if you fail to complete one, you can move to another and return to the previous one later. However, the time given to fulfill the tasks is very little and it took me a while to complete certain tasks since I had to retry them many times. The guy also moves in a clumsy way and it was difficult to control him. You move him by using the arrow keys only, and this cannot be customized. On your way to complete a task, you can collect coins an other power-ups that help you a lot. The coins can be later used to buy objects that are very helpful to finish the tasks more quickly. You will also encounter enemies who want you to fail, and the only thing you can do is avoid them, since you cannot kill them or make them disappear.
The game only includes one mode, but you will have over 50 different adventures to play, so considering the difficulty of the tasks, you will be playing for a while.
What I liked the most of this game are its graphics, featuring a quirky mixture of 3D and 2D, which make the game really original and creative. The characters are also cute and very well-made, specially Peter, who has a nerdy, funny look. Sound and music are also great.
All in all, Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures is a creative game that deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great story
  • Wonderful 3D and 2D graphics
  • Challenging
  • Great variety of tasks


  • Peter moves clumsily
  • The controls cannot be customized
  • The time given to complete tasks is very little
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